Tanzania Internet Governance Forum

To uplift the principles of openness and access of the internet we need to ensure we have an all round harmonized internet ecosystem.Tanzania Internet Governance Forum is the first ever meeting of its kind in Tanzania with an overarching aim  to bring together various stakeholders constituencies to dialogue on ICT and Internet Policy. For the key purpose of addressing ICT and internet policy related issues that can strengthen the internet ecosystem it is with this purpose that Kuza STEAM Generation (KsGEN) through TechChix-Tanzania in collaboration with Centre for Youth Empowerment &Leadership (CYEL) Kenya will be co-hosting the Tanzania Internet Governance Forum which will be preceded by the Tanzania school of internet governance. TzIGF shall be held on the 13 July 2018 in Dar es Salaam, At the National Institute of Transport.The primary objective of this forum is to build capacity and enable the multi stakeholder community participates actively in public policy development processes (PDPs) at both local, regional, and international levels.

Why this is important to us is because we understand that technology is taking over the world and we are now a global village all due to the power of connectivity,the rise in digitalization carries two faces of construction and distraction how can we ensure that even with this fast paced techies we still make the most of it.It is only by upholding a multi-stakeholder approach is when we can ensure that this global resource can cultivate change and foster development. To achieve this a bottom up approach is required from the end user,to the service provider,from the regulator to the policy maker we each have a voice and should seat at the decision making table for the betterment of our society.

At ksGEN we would like you to be part of this event that will be informative. Come let us dialogue together on issues related to ICT and Internet Policy.

The internet is our now,the internet is our future,lets share it!

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Kuza STEAM Generation

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