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Tanzania Internet Governance Forum (TzIGF) is the first ever meeting of its kind in Tanzania whose overarching aim is to bring together various stakeholder constituencies to dialogue on ICT and Internet policy. This forum is important to Tanzania especially after strict internet rules that are driving bloggers and content creators offline were introduced. 

As stated the primary objective of the meeting is to build capacity and enable the multi stakeholder community participate actively in public policy development processes (PDPs) at both local, regional, and international levels.

All these laws are about controlling the cyberspace. The regulation is not only a self-censorship license; content creators have become the state’s tool to censor their contributors’ civic right to express themselves online,”.

This law effectively pushes most Tanzanians to the margins of cyberspace, where they can neither speak nor create, while the majority of conversation about and in Tanzania risks becoming an echo chamber for the upper class. African creatives, through their work online, have been able to combat the problematic Western idea of Africa as a hopeless continent of war, poverty and disease; in Tanzania, those efforts are now being threatened.

At ksGEN we would like you to be part of this event that will be informative. Come let us dialogue together on issues related to ICT and Internet Policy.

The internet is our now,the internet is our future,lets share it!

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