What is Internet Literacy

Internet literacy is one of the higher forms of basic literacy and it is a concept of basic ability to work with Internet services. Thus, the ability to search for information on the website, ability to work with e-mail and use other services and Internet options (internet social networks, forums, instant messaging, etc.) and other options for e-business solutions.

Internet literacy plays a vital role in defining a child’s ability to succeed both in school and throughout their lives. At ksGEN, we focus on applying innovative teaching methods that arm children and teens with the skill-sets they need to succeed throughout their education and as they enter the workplace. For us, this concept is as practical as it is progressive.

Becoming literate in how the technical world works is equivalent to reading, writing and maths. We need to look at this internet literacy as mainstream. We believe schools in the 21st Century should incorporate digital literacy into the whole curriculum, but since they are not, ksGEN is bridging that gap by providing such training through workshops.

At ksGEN we would like you to be part of this journey that will be informative.  The internet is our now,the internet is our future,lets share it!

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