Empowering Girls with Digital Skills


Technology can and must be used to further gender equality in Africa.

Empowering girls and women economically, particularly female orphans and those that have experienced anguish, is sure a crucial aspect of any significant push to make them full and equal participants in their communities.

So strengthening the economic role of women is also imperative to reducing poverty and education outcomes, as well as achieving other broad development goals.

ksGEN has decided to take up this feat to train these groups of girls and women in the area of Digital Literacy, Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship. Empowering these group of girls and women will not been easy especially when it comes to communities that do not value girl child education but we are not expecting it to be easy, we have dedicated our time and hearts to ensuring these girls and women get to finally understand the value of education and most importantly Digital Literacy.

As we speak, there plans underway to launch workshops and training across East Africa all for the empowerment of Girl-child education. At ksGEN we believe when we earn trust we become family and sisters, empowering the girls will let them know that they can recreate their future. When the community is watching you, everybody wants to become an asset.”

We want other girls and women to know that you can travel to any village to connect with other sisters without waiting for electricity and bring them online which is filled with ample resources and opportunities for them to grow.

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Kuza STEAM Generation

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