ksGEN Mission is to make sure the community is attaining and pursue STEAM professionals and/or skills to build sustainable economic development,growing innovation and visualizing a digital oriented community and ensure the change of attitudes and practices of individuals or groups towards STEAM, seeing it as a catalyst for sustainable livelihoods through education,support and empowerment.

On this day we show the world we care by joining the 50 for Freedom campaign to end the 2nd largest criminal industry in the world reaping an estimated USD 32 billion in the trade of human beings because the majority of them are women and girls. It’s time each one of us should stand united and fight against this menace.

Migrants and refugee women and children are especially exposed to . Stronger, broader, faster sanctions are needed for traffickers. Special care and protection must be given to victims.  There several forms of : Forced marriage, begging, labour Sexual exploitation Organs removal Buying & selling of children Child soldiers It’s time to end this crime!

At ksGEN, our stand is: This must change. We are committed to end impunity for human trafficking and to protect the victims.DjV-E60XoAA_ckK



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Kuza STEAM Generation

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